A Beautiful Day at SOWA Open Market

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A Beautiful Day at SOWA Open Market

Every Sunday SoWa Open Market is flooded with customers and browsers, but yesterday’s fantastic weather made a big impact on the size of the crowd in attendance at the market. I was able to get a chance to walk around outside at the start of the market around 11:00 AM, and the food truck lines were already swamped with customers. Boston residents and tourists came out with their families and pets, creating a wonderful, festive environment for all walks of life.

Mohr & McPherson has been looking for new jewelry consigners, and as I was perusing around the market I was allowed the pleasure of speaking with some potential candidates. I found that the level of talent at SoWa is unbeatable. Not only the jewelry designers of course, but clothing designers, painters, chefs, etc. Both young and old, new and experienced, every vendor at the market has something fresh, unique, and desirable to offer.

Each piece of work that is found at SoWa Open Market has its own distinct character, and many of the products offered for sale are eco-friendly. I stumbled upon a wonderful Maine based clothing company called Luksin Designs, made by hand completely from organic cotton. Bark Décor, another vendor at SoWa Open Market is a company that prides itself on creating earth friendly products that feature hand drawn designs on apparel, accessories, jewelry, and home décor.

I was astounded at the amount of color that was showcased at SoWa, particularly those used by painter Tracy Levesque. Levesque is a Massachusetts native, one that paints the most vibrant landscape, botanical, and portrait art I have ever seen. Her work can be found at many venues around the New England area. Color also attracted me to the farmers market where Mohr & McPherson gets their flower bouquets on Sundays.

Although I was drawn towards so many extraordinary products at the market, the only thing I was able to purchase was a chickpea fritter from Clover Food Truck. The Mohr & McPherson café was swarming with customers, so I decided to get outside and check out what the food truck business has to offer. I have not experienced a taste so fresh and delectable in a while, as Clover’s chickpea fritter was choc full of fresh vegetables, tahini dressing, hummus, and warm, crispy falafel. Props to Clover for maintaining a wonderful vegetarian and eco-friendly business, one that is not only nutritious, but incredibly delicious.

SoWa Open Market brought so many people to the beautiful South End of Boston yesterday, and Mohr & McPherson was happy to welcome them. We recently received a new container from Indonesia and it has brought us so many fabulous pieces. We were so excited to show them off to yesterday’s crowd. If you get the chance to experience SoWa Open Market next Sunday, make sure to come inside and check out our fashionable and practical new merchandize.

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