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residences at the intercontinental

    “I was lucky enough to convince my developer to stage one of the ten remaining homes in the building I am selling, The Residences at The InterContinetnal. A top designer established a great look for us but I wanted something different but also compatible with her style.
Karole Moe from Mohr McPherson came in with furniture and accessories and created an amazing looking home that was ready to move into! Every piece she selected was interesting and fit the space beautifully. Karole transformed a simple two bedroom condo into a comfortable, exciting, and unique home.
The best part of the story is that this home has a twin next door that had been on the market for quite some time. I brought clients in the model while Karole was finishing and had 3 offers within a matter of two weeks!”

Dinny Herron, Sales Director
Residences at The InterContinental
500 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02210

Photos by Greg Pugliese

    “The Residences at the Intercontinental, located at 500 Atlantic Avenue in Boston, was an interesting project and collaboration between Mohr & McPherson and I. I am a designer interested in all aspects of the client’s home with a strong emphasis on the art. I never consider an interior space completed without including a piece or two (or sometimes more) from Mohr & McPherson, as well as buying several works of art from various galleries to enhance the furniture and make the living space complete. I feel each piece of furniture must function in a specific way and also be included in the installation of interesting objects and art. Each room should look completely strong, yet peaceful and comfortable and inviting. The art adds to the color, texture and interest in that way. I do work in confines of a client’s taste and budget and try to expose them to all the myriad of possibilities available to them.”
“My background is in the arts having been a painter first and then a gallery owner for over 21 years. That rich history allows me to know the Boston art scene very well and certainly beyond into NYC and all the many art forums and galleries available throughout the U.S. I am an Overseer at DeCordova Museum and the Fuller Craft Museum. I sit on the Board at Spring Step a multicultural center dedicated to music, dance and the arts. I am on the Exhibitions and Acquisition Committee at DeCordova and the Exhibitions Committee at the Fuller. I have curated many exhibitions for galleries, museums and private clients.”

Meredyth Hyatt Moses, Fine Art and Interior Design Consultation
4 Storey Drive, Lincoln, MA 01773
Tel and Fax: (781) 259-8238

Karole Moe, Boston Showroom Manager and In-Home Design Director
460 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
(617) 210-7900

los arcos

    “When two of our clients Sip and Doug came to us to furnish a home on the island of Vieques we jumped at the chance! Maybe, just maybe a vacation was in our future. Vieques is an island paradise off the coast of Puerto Rico. Vieques was previously a US Navy base, largely undeveloped and quickly becoming a vacation spot for those looking for quiet beauty all to themselves.

Sip and Doug are Boston based, but wanted a unique home away from home, and a spot they could rent part of the year. That’s right, it is for rent! We worked with them to make the space distinctive, inviting and not your cookie cutter vacation rental. Mohr and McPherson provided the Moroccan lanterns that greet you, the headboards created from antique Indian iron gates, the Chinese library chest, and many more details throughout the house. Sip and Doug were truly lovely to work with.”

Kay McGowan, General Manager
Mohr & McPherson

“There’s useful furniture, there’s fine furniture, and then there’s the stuff you get from Mohr & McPherson. Why limit art to your walls when you can sit on it, eat off it, and have it all around you?”

Linda Siperstein and Doug Berman, Owners
Los Arcos Vieques

Photos courtesy Los Arcos Vieques



  “With a cuisine influenced by the spices and culture of the Eastern Mediterranean, Oleana required a setting that matched the taste. Based on Kevin McPherson’s experience in these parts of the world, Mohr & McPherson was a natural fit for developing the restaurant decor.

From Indian dining chairs, Turkish copper or Moroccan mosiac tile tables, to beaded Syrian lighting, every piece we have purchased from Mohr and McPherson has been of the highest quality and hand chosen by Kevin or Kay to fit our specific needs. It is their knowledge of the inventory, willingness to work closely with me on design ideas and the overall pleasant experience that is found at Mohr & McPherson on every level that keeps me returning all the time!”

Ana SortunChef/Owner
Oleana Restaurant and Sofra Bakery, Cambridge, MA.

rustic kitchen

  “I’ve known Kevin McPherson for over 15 years and have purchased items from him for over a dozen restaurants that I have developed, including all of the Rustic Kitchen locations, which my wife and I own. In this time, the entire staff of Mohr & McPherson has been invaluable to me and Kevin has become someone I consider a dear friend.

No project is too small or too large for the Mohr & McPherson staff to handle and they tackle each one with the same attention and expertise. Kevin and Kay patiently and painstakingly research items and acquire them at an affordable price through the many resources and networks that they have worldwide. In his travels, Kevin has even hunted down specific featured items for me and I consider his “finger prints” to be on all of my restaurants. Both Kevin and Kay are true artifact specialist and I have referred many friends to them over the years. All of them have been equally impressed with Mohr & McPherson.”

Jim CaferelliOwner
Rustic Kitchen, Boston and Hingham, MA and Mogehan Sun at Pocono Downs

franklin café

  “The Franklin Cafe has had an relationship with Mohr & McPherson for over a decade. We used their inventory in our first restaurant in the South End of Boston in 1996 and in every location since. Kay and Kevin have been integral in helping us develop a design “personality” that represents the warmth and approachability we try to achieve. Simply put, there is no other store in Massachusetts that has such an impressive collection of truly unique items.

The constant rotation of furniture pieces, art, mirrors, lighting and other design elements is very helpful. This allows us to visit several times during a construction and development project and always have some new pieces to look at. Kay’s strong understanding of the inventory, availability and knowledge of lead times have been invaluable.

Thirteen years after our first purchase we are about to open a new restaurant in South Boston and Mohr & McPherson is providing seating, furniture and art. No matter what your business or design template, Mohr & McPherson is an essential stop.”

Dave DuBoisOwner
Franklin Cafe, the South End, Cape Ann and South Boston

Photos by Greg Pugliese