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 Whats New? 


With all the hustle and bustle that Sowa Sundays cause around here, it can be easy to forget about the piles of other fun stuff to do in the sowa neighborhood. Although Sowa Sundays have ended for the season, the Sowa Vintage Market is open every Sunday, all year round. Located at 356 Albany Street, the Vintage Market offers 3 rooms of vintage Fashion, Jewelry and home furnishings. This place is seriously awesome. Another year-round event is Sowa’s Monthly First Friday’s, when you get to check out all the new area gallery exhibits and see what local artists are working on in their open studios. What could make these two events even better? Joining Forces of course. Starting in November, Sowa Vintage Market has opened during every First Friday from 6-9 pm. There will be treats provided by vendors, and special installations by South End designer Randy Kaufman.







Husband and wife Stephanie Pernice and John Warren are the founders and co-creators of the Vintage market. They are excited for this season’s holiday theme of “rustic luxe mod”, and all the talented vendors filling the market.

Third Thursdays are a new version of First Fridays, started by the artists at 46 Waltham Street. On the third Thursday of each month, the artists will be opening their studios to the public. This mid month treat is a great way to get out on a weeknight, sip wine, and view some art


Little Dancer VI
Last month Lanoue Gallery of Newbury Street made the move to Harrison ave, and we are thrilled they have joined the neighborhood. Lanoue’s new gallery is four times the size of their Newbury St. space, and filled with exciting new exhibits. Lanoue is currently exhibiting works by Laura Schiff Bean until December 6th.



You may have noticed something new outside of 500 Harrison Avenue. This looming, 13 feet tall sculpture is officially entitled “The monument to the First Female President of the USA” and also referred to as “The Mighty Lioness”.

This monument is dedicated to the artists dream that every little girl can one day become president of the United States. It is also an homage to the great American Sculptor Daniel Chester French, who created the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Appropriately, in May 2015 the Lioness will be transported to Chester wood, the historic home of Daniel Chester French in Stockbridge, Ma. So make sure to check out this lady before she leaves us.

The artist of this piece is Donna Dodson. She is a member of the Boston Sculptors Gallery, located at 486 Harrison Ave. Donna has been carving images from wood for nearly 20 years. Her work deals with the relation of animals to the human spirit and explores feminine beauty with a style based in playfulness and also power and grace.


The artist of this piece is Donna Dodson. She is a member of the Boston Sculptors Gallery, located at 486 Harrison Ave. Donna has been carving images from wood for nearly 20 years. Her work deals with the relation of animals to the human spirit and explores feminine beauty with a style based in playfulness and also power and grace.




Illuminus, was the name of Boston’s first “Nuit Blanche” or “White Night”, an arts festival that began in Europe around 30 years ago. Illuminus happened on October 25th this year, spreading along Harrison Avenue, mainly in and around the brick barn usually used for parking. It was a celebration of digital, video, performance and public art, focusing on large scale light installations.

A highlight event was “Your Big Face” by New American Public Art. The piece was interactive and allowed viewers faces to be picked up by a camera and projected onto an eighteen foot screen, which hung ten feet off the ground on the side of a building.


“Digital art offers unprecedented opportunities to push the possible in the name of delight.” Franklin Einspruch.

Illuminus was absolutely a success, and an exciting event for the Sowa neighborhood, as well as Boston at large.

Click For more images from Illuminus click here



Whats Coming?


Since the end of Sowa Sunday’s, we are hurting for a good craft fair. This one comes right in time for your holiday shopping, and what a great excuse to spend some time in the city with friends and family.
“This year’s Holiday Market will feature the very best of New England’s independent designers, artists and crafters. From the fashionably chic to the hip and cutting edge, shoppers are sure to find an original gift for everyone on their list. Expect to find an exceptional array of indie goods, including: handbags, jewelry, pottery, letterpress stationery, silk-screened t-shirts, baby clothes, re-purposed wool accessories and more! This handmade holiday spectacular will be held in the spacious and historic main building of the Benjamin Franklin Institute, located in the heart of Boston’s South End. Within walking distance to Boston’s best galleries, boutiques and international cuisine, the SoWa Holiday Market is at the center of Boston’s most diverse and exciting neighborhoods!”

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, December 13 and 14, 2014
Hours: Saturday 11AM-6PM, Sunday 11AM-5PM
Address: 41 Berkeley Street, Boston MA
Admission: $5, children under 12 free






Building on History Ink Block” is the name of the project being developed on Harrison Avenue. Ink Block is expected to be a new hub of energy in the SOWA neighborhood, drawing street traffic with its shops and restaurants, including a flagship Whole Foods Market. Ink Block will also reinvent residential housing in this area of the south end, which was largely eliminated in 1959 to build the Boston Herald Traveler building.

Located above the street level retail and restaurant spaces will be 475 luxury residential units, spread across four buildings. The housing will be split into three sections: Ink 1, Ink 2 and Ink 3. Each section features a different point of view regarding style, layout, and amenities. The Project features private parking, a fitness center, multiple rooftop lounging areas, and a swimming pool.

For those of us already living or working in the neighborhood, the most exciting aspect of Ink Block is definitely the Whole foods. This whole Foods will be 50,000 square feet and will offer a larger than typical variety of prepared foods. The market will also undoubtedly draw shoppers who may not otherwise frequent the neighborhood. It is a welcome addition to the community and is expected to be opened before the opening of the living spaces, in early 2015.