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Sit Safely with Cisco Brothers

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This past November, HBO aired a documentary called “Toxic Hot Seat”. This film seeks to raise awareness about flame retardants, which are chemicals put into our furniture to prevent the spreading of fire. The flame retardants are used in the production of the large majority of furniture, and in the past, were even put into children’s pajamas. They sound like a good idea, but the chemicals used to make flame retardants are toxic to the human body, and studies show they are linked to cancer.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hWwfcsJXHM]

There are three major companies producing flame retardants and they have spent millions on teams of press and legal aid to prevent questions from being asked. In TOXIC HOT SEAT, film maker investigates the story of how flame retardants came to be required, and the many levels of manipulation used by Big Tobacco to convince firefighters that this was all for our safety. The film also casts light on the un truths told by the chemical companies about the threats to pubic health their products pose. These companies paid false experts to warn the public about removing flame retardants from homes, claiming it was a deadly risk.

Toxic Hot Seat shares the personal stories of a cancer-surviving firefighter, a renowned chemist whose work helped remove fire retardants from kid’s pajamas in the 1970s, and a brave and determined young Maine legislator and mom. The film represents the bravery of ordinary citizens willing to fight for the truth.
In support of the efforts and moral quest of this film, another, shorter film was made, by our friends at Cisco Hand Crafted Furniture. Cisco has been flame retardant and toxin free since their start, and has been “passionate about this issue for many years”. The goal of their company is to create sustainable furniture that is as healthy on the inside, as well as beautiful on the outside. Cisco Pinedo, the founder of Cisco, personally attended a Sacramento hearing concerning the modification of TB-117 and the removal of flame retardant requirements.

In this video, Cisco explains that although their company has been creating healthy and safe furniture for over 20 years, they have gone even further in the last 7 years by creating “The Green Line”. This is a line of furniture produced by using 100% organic materials. The video then goes through all the components of putting together a single piece of furniture. A step by step list is given of each material used, the products used to wash the materials, and the socially, environmentally and economically responsible process used for producing and obtaining all of these matrials.

Check out this video, and many others on the Cisco site, giving visual insight to the world of Cisco, and healthy furniture.