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SoWa Open Market 2012 Begins!

SoWa Open Market occurs every Sunday in Boston’s South End, directly adjacent to the Mohr & McPherson showroom. The market made its 9th season debut on May 6th, bringing hundreds of new patrons to the South End. SoWa prides itself on being Boston’s original art and indie design market, one that provides a unique shopping experience for Boston residents and tourists. SoWa Open Market is a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon as it offers a multitude of activities, most importantly browsing through the one of a kind art, jewelry, clothing, accessories, ceramics, and much more! In addition to the handcrafted materials for sale, a more recent supplement to the market is Boston’s growing food truck business. SoWa Open Market hosts a rotating group of food trucks every Sunday, those including Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese, Frozen Hoagies, BBQ Smith, LOBSTA LOVE, and Kickass Cupcakes. Grab a grilled cheese and an ice cream and browse through the amazing products that SoWa has to offer.

Along with the mouth-watering tastes that the food trucks bestow at SoWa, is the plethora of freshly and locally grown produce and specialty products hand picked from the New England area. The items sold at the farmer’s market not only contribute to local farmers; they contribute to helping develop more prosperous neighborhoods in the city of Boston. The Farmers Market offers local fresh produce, plants, baked goods, organic coffee, and specialty foods. From plump heirloom tomatoes to freshly baked cinnamon raisin bread, The SoWa Farmer’s market can supply everything you need for a perfect summer meal.

Every week SoWa puts forward something different, an experience worth making the trip in which you can meet the artists, farmers, designers, and chefs behind the beautiful work that is showcased in Boston’s South End. SoWa works to have a variety of products with little or no duplication, making the market inimitable, only SoWa’s chosen combination of items can be found at the Open Market! With the sun shining, a good group of people, a pet friendly atmosphere, all within a hip neighborhood, no Sunday activity in Boston can beat the SoWa experience. As Always, don’t forget to come check out the selection of global furnishings, art, rugs, and accessories in the Mohr & McPherson showroom!