Featured Artist: Nicole Buttery Handmade Jewelry

Travel Tuesday: The Pink City of Jaipur, India

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Featured Artist: Nicole Buttery Handmade Jewelry

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Our jewelry  boxes  are overflowing with dazzling masterpieces from local artist and jeweler, Nicole Buttery. Nicole’s pieces incorporate nature’s bounty of  sparkling, multicolored gems and stones, as well as driftwood, clay and bone.  While being crafty in nature, these one of a kind creations are expertly constructed and contain high quality chains and metals. Silver, gold, and some vintage materials are also used.  Nicole’s jewelry is chic and elegant, and each piece is unique. Read about what inspires Nicole, below.

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 I am naturally a collector. I am always searching for tiny treasures wherever I go. Maybe a piece of sea-glass, or a tiny flower, there’s always an object calling for me to pick it up. By chance two strange objects meet, fall in love, and a new project is conceived. Almost everything I collect I use in my art pieces, therefore collecting fuels my art, inspiration and creative process. I want the viewer to instantly be attracted to my work. Whether it’s my use of bright colors, textures, or compulsive use of gems and odd bits. I want my work to be quirky, playful and a sort of “eye candy”.


Stone setting is a huge part of my work. Sometimes I like to take mundane objects and set them in a way that almost puts them on a pedestal. I like to push limits in terms of size and wearability. Big and dramatic while also being comfortable and easy to wear everyday. My works aesthetic pulls from cabinets of curiosity, the displays in the Natural History museums, Polly Pocket, miniatures, doll houses, antiques, fashion, fantasy, fairy-tales, dreams, Wicca, the occult, and nature. My work is well made, interesting, and literally “one of a kind”. They are all hand crafted with unique materials, and fun fascinating shapes. My art has an other worldly feel, and transports the viewer to another more magical realm. There’s a mag-pie in all of us that my work inevitably appeals to. One can’t help but feel under an enchanted spell.
-Nicole Buttery

jewel collagegreen sideView and purchase wide selection of Nicole Buttery jewelry in our Boston Showroom, including the pieces below. Visit us at 460 Harrison Ave in the Sowa Arts district.

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Travel Tuesday: The Pink City of Jaipur, India



Our founder Kevin is busy exploring India, finding cool, new stuff for our showroom. He sent us a video today from his latest travels in the  city of Jaipur, which you can watch here:


Here are some quick facts about this magnificent place.

Jaipur is known as the “Pink City of India”, and is a fitting capital for the charismatic state of Rajasthan. It is the largest city in Rajasthan, as well as the 10th largest city in India, with a population of 6.66 million. The city is named after its founder, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, who founded it in 1727.


Unlike other Pre-modern day Indian Cities, the streets of Jaipur are quite regulated, and the city is divided by broad streets into six sectors. The urban parts are further divided by a grid network of streets. Jaipur is a very popular tourist destination in India. It is included on the Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit, in addition to Delhi and Agra.

The former royal family continues to live in the city palace at the heart of Jaipur. The royal observatory is also here, part of the world heritage, and In the hills surrounding the city is Jaipur’s star attraction, Amber Fort.  Jaipur is known for its bustling, full of life atmosphere and lively streets. Its culture is colorful, flamboyant and warm. It is also a prime spot for shopping, its markets overflowing with pottery, jewelry, silks and textiles, iron-ware,  carpets, and all kinds of other handmade goods. 


Style Saturday

A dreary Saturday is the perfect time to do some shopping. Luckily we have all sorts of new accessories to brighten your day, including heaps of handmade jewelry, kimonos and shawls. For some style inspiration, check out our own Mary Cashman modeling the loot.stitch 1 final

mary close up hat

Afgani necklace Lapis or dyed coral-43329
Vintage teardrop earrings– smooth glass set in brass, with gold plated hooks-43239
Patchwork Floppy Hate-43423
Stylish jacket made of cotton voile-43433
Assorted Rings and Bracelets

All available now in our showroom! Product number included for reference.